7 facts about infidelity

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sponsordate1. Infidelity and marriage

Survey of British scientists, conducted in 2005, showed that one in seven women in the first year of marriage will cheat on their husband. 60% of unfaithful wives were in a legal relationship with its partners all year. That’s how serious the maintenance of the relationships is.

2. Treason and the people around you

If you don’t know what is wrong with your partner, how he thinks and reacts to certain facts. According to statistics, 44% of men find out about treason by themselves, 30% – from the partner, 21% – by accident, and the remaining 3% require assistance to do that.

3. Treason and the Internet

You don’t know how to cheat – ask search engine. Thousands of surveys and exams showed that 30% of Internet users are registered through several adult personals New Jersey, and not just to look for classmates, but to find a worthy casual sex partner. Other statistics proved that at least 10% of women had sex at least with 10 partners during online dating. 80% of users said that adult online chat New Jersey had a positive influence on their lives.

4. Treason and IQ

Researchers at the London School of Economics found: Men with higher IQ are loners because they usually change their partners without any hesitation. Women however didn’t show such results, on the contrary, they tend to hold their relationships longer than anyone else. Guess that men always look things that really do not exist. That is the thing with smart men.

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5. Treason and pregnancy

Most likely, the woman decides to commit treason during ovulation. At this time, the hormone levels are very high. That may be the reason but there is no fire without a smoke so… Think carefully what you do to your girlfriend especially if she is pregnant. No one knows what is on her mind.


6. Betrayal and morality within adult online personals New Jersey

Infidelity – the mortal sin, according to the Bible. According to the research center, 88% of Americans think of treasons as a number one act of immorality.

7. The benefits of treason

What are the benefits of treason – Freedom? Don’t think so… There are millions of secrets, always stress for you, stress to cover up your trails. Maybe – adventures? A stupid belief that you are an alpha a love machine? There are no benefits, and if you don’t understand that you won’t be happy.