A girl is using me for hookups: The best solutions against being used

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It’s not pleasant to get to know someone is using you, especially if it’s for how hookup with many feelings. Maybe without any respect as well? Analyze that and make sure to stop that affair.

  1. Set the boundaries. If you need some time for making sure you’re used, start from setting the limits stricter than before. Then a person will have to accept your rules.
  2. Show less care. Stay away from abusing smb, but do not pamper them either. When they see your kindness is over, they will think twice before using you again.
  3. Hookup with others. The world doesn’t revolve around only one person. If she’s disrespectful, there’s no need to stay focused, choose any decent girl you like.
  4. Seek self-development. If a girl is using you over your low self-esteem, simply do your best to evolve the fastest. Then you’ll forget her easier and she will greatly regret it.
  5. Get immune. It’s not the first or the last person who misuses our kindness. Boost your psychological immunity and don’t let people put you down, never again.