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Best Dating Apps UK (Am I the Least Faithful Wife in the UK?)

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I’m an English woman with a high libido. Although I’m married, I’ve been using various dating apps to meet other men, partly because my husband can’t do it in the bedroom, and partly because my husband and I have mutual benefits – we built a successful company together and we have a child – so we will never divorce each other. He stopped touching me since 2009 after I gave birth to our daughter. That’s why I always look for affairs outside my sexless marriage. Since this is 2019, I met most of my lovers on the best dating apps UK!

1 Brilicbrilic-dating-app

I love, love, love Brilic dating app! I can’t recommend this UK dating app highly enough because it’s indeed the best of all. Men that I met on Brilic are funny, good-looking and intelligent. I live in London, and the number of Brilic users in this city is huge. I’ve hooked up with five men that I met via Brilic dating app already. Better still, we not only hook up in hotels, but also in dark lanes and behind big trees at night. I love sexual encounters in public places because the thrill turns me on. I still remember a guy banging me behind a very big tree in a park at 1pm in March 2019.

2 Ashley Madison

I uploaded my real photo as my dating profile picture on Ashley Madison. As a result, I receive messages from men on this adultery dating app almost every single day. Honestly, I look pretty good – I look like Felicity Huffman (but I wasn’t involved in the college admission scam). Anyway, I really enjoy the attention that I get on Ashley Madison because there are always a large number of hot men chasing me there. Most men on Ashley Madison are established and successful (poor men wouldn’t pay membership fees on an adultery dating app); as a result, I’ve built a lot of helpful professional relationships on Ashley Madison as well. That means many of my lovers have become my business contacts, too.

3 Secret Desireuk dating apps

Because my husband and I don’t do it anymore, I think he probably knows that I’m on Secret Desire – One night when I was on my phone checking out hot men’s dating profiles on Secret Desire, my husband was watching TV next to me. He probably noticed what I was doing, but he didn’t say anything. Secret Desire is full of men and women who are looking for flings and affairs. The funny thing is when I was on Secret Desire, I met my neighbor! Maybe that’s because most dating apps use GPS precisely these days. Clearly, he has been in a very lonely marriage for decades and I understand how he feels. So, I hooked up with my neighbor in his house when his wife went to Scotland.

4 KinkD

Yes, I love BDSM…. My favorite BDSM dating app in the UK is KinkD. I’ve tried almost every BDSM trick that I know and I really enjoy playing the submissive role like Anastasia from Fifty Shades of Grey. Although I haven’t met anyone who is as rich as Christian Grey yet (the richest guy that I’ve met on KinkD has £50 million in the bank, but that’s far away from Christian Grey’s billion-dollar empire). Anyway, I think KinkD is the most satisfying BDSM app in the UK and probably in the world as well.

5 Feeldmeet uk girls on apps

Another place for me to find affairs with very little effort. Feeld dating app has many swingers who are happy to try something different so that they can add more spice to their love lives. I had lots of fun here without my husband (he can’t do it anyway) because I’m very open-minded – I joined a couple as the wife wanted to see her husband banging me while she was masturbating next to us. It was really eye-opening and mind-blowing at the same time.

6 Hitwe

Hitwe dating app is another platform where I’ve met hot men who would like to try adventurous encounters in public places. Well, I would say these places aren’t really public – Attractive men banged me on rooftops at midnight, in public toilets during lunchtime and under a bridge over sunset. I think Hitwe dating app has lots of interesting guys who are happy to try something new all the time.

7 Facebook dating app

I admit that I have two Facebook accounts. One is my real name in the UK and the other is my nickname in Canada. I used my nickname to find affairs in Canada because I go to Canada once a month for business. That’s why Facebook dating app is very handy for me. In theory, Facebook doesn’t allow anyone to use a nickname rather than their real name; but in reality, Facebook can’t check every profile in their system. As a result, my dating profile on Facebook will only be deleted if someone reports me to Facebook – Facebook won’t sit there to monitor everyone’s online activity.

8 Meet a Cougarbest uk apps

All right. I’m not young anymore. My definition of a young person is someone under 40 years old. Since I’m 41 this year, I’m happy to be a cougar and meet younger men. Meet a Cougar dating app is a sugar momma dating app in the UK for older women to meet toy boys. And I’ve been using this app for quite a while. In general, this is a decent cougar dating app for poor men looking for rich women. Overall, male members on this app are very handsome. I love toy boys! Of course, I have achieved financial success, so I can afford to spoil toy boys who look after me so well.

9 Yboo

I always want to meet more open-minded people who bring me new experiences in life. It’s not easy to meet open-minded people in my social circle because even though some people are actually open-minded, they wouldn’t let me know – I’m a powerful CEO with influence, so people around me automatically want to show more respect and wouldn’t tell me that are actually wild in the bedroom. Consequently, I use a wide variety of UK dating apps to harvest open-minded men, including Yboo dating app which is also known as Adult Affair Finder in its inner circle.

Am I the least faithful wife in the UK? Well, as my husband doesn’t bang me anymore after our daughter was born (he witnessed the process of delivery in the hospital & couldn’t have an erection after that, so I don’t blame him), I think all my affairs are legitimate.