Don’ts in On-line Dating

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This article will be interesting and helpful for the men looking up for women on-line. So, what are the things you should never do when it comes to on-line pick up? The most common don’ts in on-line dating are:

Communicating on-line, never write a novel or your life story. Why? This is a major turn off for women. Women cannot stand too much talkative men. You can check this out by writing a one page letter about the way you like spending your spare time and you will see what answer you will get. In 90% you even won’t receive a reply. So, keep your letters short and remember that questions help to keep the dialogue moving.

Never start a sexual talk first. The majority of women think that men have nothing but sex on their mind. Besides you can easily offend a woman with the sex talk. Just don’t talk about sex. For aggressive sexual talks, use adult dating sites.

Never lie! It is a fact that many men and women lie on on-line dating sites. So, what to do if you have some drawbacks you want to hide? Just focus on your merits and up-sell good qualities about yourself.

Never send too many e-mails or texts. You don’t want to appear desperate or needy. Your task is to remain mysterious at the initial stage of your relationship and this is a major turn on amongst women. No matter how hot a woman is, keep yourself disciplined.

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Don’t spread yourself too thin. It is for sure a pleasant thing to be chased by dozens of hot women on-line, just be sure they are not too many. You won’t be able to keep up with all of them and lose the coveted contacts. That is why choose the amount of women you find ok to manage your correspondence.

Never show you are too eager to go on a date. Wait at least a week before you invite a lady you met on-line for a date, unless a woman asks you for a date earlier and some do this right away. Inviting a lady too early for a date, you risk scaring her off. Let the woman make first move.