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Have A One Night Stand With Sugar Mama In UK

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Sugar mama dating is the new rage and it seems that the craze is here to stay. Because of the ever changing rules of society, boundaries are being pushed in relationships, and a lot of sugar mama UK is having one night stands with their boy toys. A one night stand is defined as a sexual act between two consenting adults who are encouraged by the fact that they will not meet again after the night is over.

The key to having a successful one night stand with UK sugar mamas lies in finding a willing partner, adherence to safe sexual practices, and remorseless breaking away the next day.

Looking for a consenting partner

Remember the stories we all read about barmaids and their “spotless” reputation? This is the first place where you can find a sugar mama UK for a one night stand. Their ambit stretches to lounges and nightclubs as well. Look around for a woman, older than you, who’s all by herself. See if she’s casting glances here and there, this might be a cue for you to walk up to her and introduce yourself. Be a gentleman and offer to buy her a drink on your tab.

Using a dating app

Nowadays, a one night stand is as easy as making a phone call thanks to the introduction of hook up apps. The advantage with these apps is that the women are more approachable digitally and will often speak their mind about a one night stand before you can say “Jack Robinson”.

Parties and other events

You have to unearth a social gathering which is being hosted by a known person. Once you enter the picture, look for sugar mamas who are unescorted, and ask a mutual friend to introduce you to her. You can take it up from there on, and a good sense of humour coupled with the gift of the gab will get the mood going. However, a word of caution; you have to judge whether she’s been drinking too much in which case it would have an effect on her choice and judgement. You really do not want to wake up in bed the next morning with her hollering about a sexual assault.

Sugar mama dating

Shape up

It’s imperative that you look and smell your best. The olfactory organs of the woman in question affect her judgement, and if she tells you that you smell nice, that’s a bonus. Your clothes should enhance your attributes and hide your flaws. You should also make it a point to spend a bit of time in cleaning up your privates if you are in the mood for sex.

Show interest

Once you’ve struck up a conversation, make sure you pay attention to what she says. If she’s in the mood for a one night stand, she’ll drop a few hints. And women can be as subtle as a paper cut or as blunt as a sledgehammer. Don’t be disheartened, drop a few hints of your own as well.

Bring your protection

Condoms are a must have in these type of situations, and if she agrees to a one night stand, they’re a life saver.

The Act

Once you’ve settled down in Love No-tell, make sure that your sugar mama is comfortable. Remember that everyone has their limits. You might want to rim her, but would you like it if she brings out a strap on dildo? Think about it.

Set sail

Once you’ve finished, show a little respect and don’t scoot away in the dead of night like a robber. Stay a while, and leave with the morning sun. This way, neither of you ends up getting emotional. Do not follow up, ever.