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Russian women are very special creatures, who know how to love and take care about the man. They are very kind and sensitive, moreover, these girls are ready to scarify themselves, their career and free time in order to build happy and loving family.

At our online dating website you are able to find any msn and woman for your taste: tall or short, slim or plump – everything depends on you! Slavic girl is a symbol of seemliness, unity, absolutely beautiful flower for foreigners. But what is so special about these ladies? We would like to share with ladies the facts why Russian women are ideal for foreign men.

  • This factor 90% of the men put on the first place in the hit parade of female virtues. And it is not necessarily to be Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie, to subdue the man by the sexuality. Even with a weight of 90 kg date Russian girl can be incredibly sexy. Try at least sometimes forget about the complexes and wear short skirts or low-cut tops. Believe us, any man will appreciated this. Why not try yourself in the role of Marilyn Monroe? The main thing is not afraid to look stupid, and succeed!
  • Men love talk about their work, favorite machines, pets and other things. Sometimes it seems that if you do not much get up and go, and he will talk to himself, not noticing your disappearance. Despite this, men like sociable ladies. Men will listen listened to stories about your hobbies, work, how you take care of your younger brother and grandmother from next door. Men are naive, like children, so they believe all that you say. The main thing is not to blush.facts why Russian women are ideal
  • It is not a secret that when meeting with strangers we involuntarily put on a mask. However, men are not as stupid as they seem and easily “bite through” sham and affectation. Young people like natural girls and involuntarily drawn to them.
  • Some girls are very rashly believe that use foul language is fashionable. The men not only do not think so, they bypass these ladies a mile away. They prefer intelligent and educated girls who know how to behave.
  • Independence. Despite the fact that the man is a “breadwinner”, he would like a girl who sets high goals and boldly to implement them. Therefore, even if you are temporarily not working, but try to do your best to gain money, he will appreciate this.
  • Any man would not like to come home, and see that his “mate”, is lying on the couch and sipping beer, while from the washer falls out dirty dishes everywhere scattered socks and bras, and instead of dinner there are chips and crackers “bacon”. Without exception, all men love ladies that cook different meals, and keep apartment clean.
  • Praising woman. All men, without exception, love the compliments. So, if you want to conquer the man – praise him with or without the obvious reason: admire his erudition, and brilliant mind, say that he is the most helpful staff at work, and all the rest just do not understand. And do not forget about compliments about appearance – because your man is the best, but Brad Pitt is an old, wrinkled and not sexy.
  • Not drinking and not smoking. Despite the fact that 90% of men smoke like a chimney and drinks like a horse, their woman should not smoke, as for alcohol only a glasses of wine – no more. And also should not go to the clubs with her friends, visit the friendly parties and birthdays without him.
  • It has long been proven that smiling girl with a sense of humor attracts young people like a magnet, whereas disgruntled ladies finally are left to grieve about their problems in splendid isolation.

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