Tips for a successful first date with Russian lady.

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date with Russian lady.The most important thing is to make a great first impression that will show you as a person full of charm. Sincerity, honesty, being an open book towards the interlocutor, as well as respect towards this person will give a great result. Also i forgot to mention that it is important to show the feeling of inside harmony and peace. Because eventually in this kind of date both of people who participate in it would be extremely stressed and they will not know how to act in order to create a really pleasant impression and to show up being a great person to walk life’s path with. If you will show patience and the desire to work out everything in a peaceful manner full of harmony, than no matter what mood the person you were speaking had before, it will certainly change into some really great one.

It doesn’t matter that much whether this meeting will lead to a new relationship or family in the future, it is more important to realize the fact that you are going on a date with a smart and pleasant person, during which you will gain new experience and information that you never had before that, and if you will be lucky enough you will also be able to gain a soul mate. Some people expect too much from the first date, it is like they go on it, with a already made plan in their head of how many guests will be on the wedding, what dress the bride will wear and how will their children look like in the future. This kind of dates in the majority of cases turn out to be an epic fail for both of people participating in it, and the worst thing is that it might cause fear of getting to know new people, or the firm desire of not ever going to dates anymore, and i can understand that certainly. So no matter how we feel emotionally, no matter how sick and tired we are from being alone, we need to keep in our mind that it is important to not put the “burden” of our own loneliness and problems on the shoulders of other person who doesn’t have any fault for it.


Some men are often doing the common mistake, they behave with their lady like it is a big honor for him the fact that she has decided to go out with him, yes it is important to respect your lady and to be aware of her beauty or telling her compliments, but it is a completely wrong thing, making a show out of it, as this feeling has nothing to do with respect, it looks moreover like humiliation. The aim of each date is becoming eternally happy in the future; let’s not forget about this important issue.

A confident walking, and a confident knocking into the door should solve pretty much all the matters and issues, as women love confidence, and when they feel it, they will never be able to turn away from it, as each woman needs to feel protected with her man, so if the man is confident than it surely means he can protect her, unfortunately women from Eastern Europe really miss this feeling of protection, that they really should have in their day to day life, but for some reason it is missing. Also a very important thing while going on a date is feeling yourself as a person who has achieved all the possible goals in life, this feeling will bring the feeling of physical joy, which you have left after a good training at the gym.

By knowing all of those important things you will always feel yourself high, and know that you can get any woman you desire, as long as you will make her feel that you are trustworthy and you are serious about her, women in Europe have a very strong intuition so don’t let yourself being tricked by it, they might smile, play and joke with you if they will realize that you don’t have serious intentions towards them.