Top Conversation Starters

Dating UK

Nothing can be more awkward than long silence on the initial stage of dating. When there are no topics to be discussed there is no reason to date. To avoid this unpleasant situation, we suggest several top starters that will help you to keep conversation going. These starters are very easy and will allow you avoiding unnecessary silence.
Talk about not talking. Hint for the awkwardness of the situation. This is a good reason to joke and laugh, thus starting a chat at its high.
Talk about your day. Talking too much about what happened to you today will create the image of a self-centered person, but giving some glimpse about it will be amusing and maybe even intriguing.
Give a compliment, but don’t overdo with them. A nice compliment will provoke a smile on your date’s face and will ease into the further communication. If you tell too many compliments, you risk creating an image of a sex stalker.
Come back to the previous topics – when you talk, respond with something related. Thus, you help the chat changing the atmosphere and gradually the topic.
You can come back to the previous topics that worked well before, adding new information, thoughts, ideas, etc.
Ask questions that require more than just one-word answers. This will allow developing your communication, find new topics and learn more about your date. However, make sure you don’t look like a detective, be some sort of a reporter in this case.
Discuss obvious things. This can be a place you are currently at, the car you drive, the cellular you’ve just bought, the movie you two just have watched, some news, etc.
Be attentive to the dates. If a holiday or some event is approaching, make it the topic of your discussing, make it intriguing. If it is going to be someone’s birthday you can discuss the present you’ve bought or ask for a piece of advice, etc.
Make your date feel useful by asking a piece of advice for any occasion. This is another great idea to talk about.
And the last, but not the least, use your sense of humor as it always works, however, make sure it is not insulting.